About Me

Do the best and leave the rest.

I belongs to a Vedic Astrologer and Karmkaand proficient north Indian Brahmin family. I learned Vedic Astrology and Karmakaand (Hindu rites and rituals including 16 Samskaara-sacraments of life) from family practice and later from Sampoornanand Sanskrit Vishwa Vidyalay as well. I also obtained the education and training for Yoga, Vastu Shashtra and Ayurved from Gurukul Kanggree Haridwar.

Sanskrit and English was 2 of the main Subjects in my Graduate degree.

I am also an eye care professional in Canada and hold a doctorate degree in psychology.

On the Globe, since 1968 (including 20yrs in Canada), I am providing Hindu Priest, Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Yoga teaching, Vastu and Auyurvedic remedial consultancy, organizing cultural shows, etc. services to the Hindu community and to the many other faith groups.

I am very well versed to read, write and speak Sanskrit, Hindi and English. I also can understand Gurumukhi, Urdu and Kiswahili (an east African Language). Delivering spiritual Lectures (Pravachan) is my specific characteristic. The God blessed me to connect the people during my prayers and lectures.

I have fulfilled my family duties (Grahast Aashram), and now this is the time for me to follow  Vanprashtha (One part out of the 4 parts of the Vedic Aashram system, which starts when a person hands over household responsibilities to the next generation, takes an advisory role, and gradually withdraws from the materialistic world and peruse spirituality i.e Retired life).

*Pundit Dr. Kamleshanand Shukla
*Hindu Priest, Spiritual Teacher, Vedic Astrologer, Palmist, Yoga teacher and Vastu Consultant
*Aachaarya (MA) in Vedic Astrology, Hindu Prayers, Yoga, Vaastu (Secrets of happy & healthy home), Aayurved (Herbal Health Food).
*Spiritual Teacher- WRO, UN DEP, MCS London, NYMCS, MCSCA
*PhD in Psychology
*Registered Psychologist in Yukon
*Licensed Eye care professional in BC
*Life member -FVHCS, VHPCC, NHCS, ICCA SHT(Nairobi), VHP Canada, VHP India, HSS Canada, HSS USA, VIMCS, SSD Toronto,  SVCS, SDS Calgary, HDS Edmonton, ISKCON
Registered with-APA, CPA, CCPA, OAC, OABC, OAA, SGNDS Victoria and so on.